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About Foggy Bridge Winery

Foggy Bridge is a winery whose heart is in the City by the Bay and whose soul lies in its people. We are independent thinking and creative spirits who came together with a shared vision of what we like in wine, namely bright fruit, layered complexity and balance. We believe that wines with these characteristics represent the true essence of wine in its simplest form.

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Our wines are crafted from a different point of view - with our own sense of quality, finesse and taste - to be enjoyed alone or with a meal, with fine cuisine or casual dining. Our goal is to make Foggy Bridge wines part of your life as the wines you enjoy with family and friends every day.

In the future, we will bring winemaking back to San Francisco by opening the first visitor focused urban winery in the city, and when it opens, it will be as unique and welcoming as the city itself. Foggy Bridge Winery will be the premier place to enjoy great wines in the heart of the City by the Bay.

Please join us in our adventure - enjoy the wines now, and look forward to the sharing the Foggy Bridge experience with us!